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Some arrivals and some departures

fredag 15. april 2022
af Mikkel Bello, Leona Gottschalkson

This morning the sun was rising 06:23 and Oliver, Jens, David and myself were ready 06:13, and we had two Arctic Skua shortly after, we had 3 in total. Henrik joined us around 06:30 and found a Great Skua and two 2k Caspian gulls on the beach. Then we heard a call that we thought could have been a serin, although we were not sure of it, but had recorded it and we confirmed it later. Lastly we saw the Great Northern Diver probably it has been in the area for some time now. Some nice species but very low quantity. 
Because of the slow migration Oliver and Jens decided to leave a day earlier than planned. 

Today we were joined by Xenia for ringing. We opened the nets and she arrived shortly after that. We managed to capture 20 new Birds and 30 in total. The highlights of today were a Collared Dove by the lighthouse and a Willow Warbler in the station garden.

Collared Dove by Mikkel Bello

In the evening David, Leona and I went for a sunset walk to the bog. We saw a few Reed Buntings a couple of Stone Chats, Wheatear, two Snipes and we heard a short phrase of the Blue Throat, and by the end of our journey we saw the first House Martin of the year. It was fourageing in the dunes in front of the lighthouse garden. We were not fortunate enough to see the Sunset.

Dofbasen link: here

Ringing totals (new/recapture)

European Collared dove  (1/0)

Wren (0/2)

Dunnock (2/2)

Robin (2/2)

Blackbird (2/2)

Redwing (1/0)

Common chiffchaff (4/0)

Willow warbler (1/0)

Tree sparrow (0/1)

Chaffinch (1/1)

Brambling (3/0)

Linnet (2/0)

Bullfinch (1/0)

Visitor day

torsdag 14. april 2022
af Mikkel Bello

The seawatch produced with both two great scaups and two artic skuas. There were also some numbers of terns.

After the seawatch, Jens and Oliver tried the stock dove for the second day and saw it. They also saw the known bluethroat and it give them some nice views.


Bluethroat – Picture by Oliver

The ringing was quite entertaining as well. Although a short shower forced us to close and reopen again. Just like yesterday a good number of chiffchaff, almost all had low fat and low muscle indicating that they just have crossed the north sea. In between the chiffchaffs their were also some with smaller wings. This might be an indication of the arrival of female birds. We also dubbled the count of blackcaps compared to yesterday, it’s a real joy to catch since they are very smart looking bird. Today Jonas also had an excursion guiding 25 persons around. Unfortunately, only 5 birds could be showed during the excursion. After that, we had some visitors from Germany and we also showed them around the ringing here.

Blackcap male – picture by Leona

Ringing list (new/recapture):

Robin (0/1)

Chiffchaff (9/0)

Blackbird (2/0)

Song thrush (2/0)

Redwing (1/0)

Dunnock (1/2)

Blackcap (2/0)

Tree sparrow (0/1)

17 new birds over 9 species

People at the station: Jonas with 25 people on excursion, Bent, David, Jens, Oliver, Bello, Leona and Menno

Some new birds for the season

onsdag 13. april 2022
af Af Jens og Oliver and Menno

Igen i dag var vi mange om morgenobsen ved kysten. Menno var travlt optaget af at ringmærke sammen med Bent, som nu er rask igen, men ellers var vi de samme mennesker som i går. Vi havde nogle lidt mere interessante arter i dag, herunder islom, hvidklire og rørhøg. Desuden havde vi fornøjelsen af omkring 200 splitterner, som rastede på en sandbanke. I løbet af observationen fik Mikkel pludselig på årets, for vores vedkommende, første landsvale.  

Efter morgenobs gik vi to en tur i mosen. Mens vi står og lyttede efter en blåhals, kommer der en melding fra Bent på Zello. Det viser sig, at han lige har set en ringdrossel flyve i vores retning. Jens når lige at se et billede af hvordan en sådan ser ud, før han spotter en fugl med kikkerten, som viser sig at være den.  Vi fik efter en gåtur, som endte med at være længere end vores ben brød sig om, set en blå kærhøg hun, som et kort sekund fik pulsen op idet ordet ‘steppehøg’ strejfede vore tanker. Da vi kom tilbage besluttede vi os for at nedskrive Jens artsliste, da han stadig er relativt ny inden for fuglekigning. 

I løbet af eftermiddagen og aftenen er David og Leona ankommet, og der er blevet tilberedt et fyldestgørende måltid bestående af Mikkels courgettedeller, rodfrugter og salat. 

The first ringing day with my C-license was quite a good day. I got new three new species for this season: Linnet, Blackcap and white wagtail. Linnet was a new species for me in hand, and I learned that male and female can be separated on the wing pattern, besides from the difference at the red at the head and chest. And the wagtail was also very nice!


Photo of the white wagtail – Photo by Bello

Doflink: https://dofbasen.dk/search/result.php?design=table&soeg=soeg&periode=dato&dato=13-04-2022&omraade=stor&stor=607&obstype=observationer&species=alle&sortering=dato

Trektellen: https://www.trektellen.nl/count/view/2525/20220413

White wagtail (2/0)

Wren (3/2)
Dunnock (4/2)
Robin (11/2)
Blackbird (6/0)
Song Thrush (3/0)
Blackcap (1/0)
Chiffchaff (10/2)
Goldcrest (2/2)
Tree sparrow (1/0)
Chaffinch (1/0)
Linnet (2/0)
Lesser redpoll (3/1)

49 new birds out of 13 species

People at the station: Jens, Oliver, Bello, Leona, Henrik, David, Thyge Enevoldsen and Menno den Uijl

Many people, not that many birds

tirsdag 12. april 2022
af Menno den Uijl

Today was a very busy seawatch. Besides every one of the station today, Bent was sick so there was no ringing in the morning, we also had a visitor. This made a total of 5 persons on the seawatch. Unfortunately, there were not that many birds that needed to be counted. A highlight were some migrating pochards, although I did not see them because of a short break because of some nature’s urge. By counting together, you really start to know each other, so that was nice.

After the seawatch, a serin in the area was reported but we were not able to twitch it, because it was flying north. Then a bluethroat was reported, that one was a successful twitch for everyone who went. A short-eared owl was reported as well, but not seen by anyone else but the observer who reported it. The second red kite this season flew over. After that Oliver and Jens decided to go to Blåvand. When Oliver and Jens walked to Blåvand, they came across three cranes. They might breed in the area, so we will be alert on that.


Short eared owl - Photo by the observer

After the lunch, I got some nice news. My X-license got promoted to a C-license. To use the opportunity, I directly opened up some nets, and I could directly ring some new birds. It was nice, since we did not ring any birds for five days now. What really stood out, is that we caught a incubating female greenfinch. We also ringed it on the 30th of March, also showing a broodpatch. Hopefully, the nest survived the windy and cold conditions of last week.

Doflink: https://dofbasen.dk/search/result.php?design=table&soeg=soeg&periode=dato&dato=12-04-2022&omraade=stor&stor=607&obstype=observationer&species=alle&sortering=dato

Trektellen: https://www.trektellen.nl/count/view/2525/20220412

Ringing list (new/recapture):

Robin (5/0)

Chiffchaff (1/0)

Blackbird (1/0)

Dunnock (3/0)

Redpoll (0/1)

Greenfinch (1/0)

11 new birds over 5 species

People at the station: Jens, Oliver, Bello, Thyge Enevoldsen and Menno den Uijl

Another day without ringing

mandag 11. april 2022
Unfortunately :(
af Menno den Uijl

Although the wind would allow the ringing, Bent was sick. So today and tomorrow ringing will not be done. Hopefully Bent will be better by Wednesday, so we can recontinue with the ringing again.

Today’s seawatch did not produce that much. The highlight was that two germans were trying to make some nice pictures of a chair the made. The struggle with the very heavy chair was very funny to watch.

After the seawatch, we made another local round, but that did not bring any new birds as well.

Tonight we will be joined by two new volunteers. Always nice to meet some new people with the same hobby.

People at the station: Oliver, Jens, Bello and Menno

DOF link: https://dofbasen.dk/search/result.php?design=table&soeg=soeg&periode=dato&dato=11-04-2022&omraade=stor&stor=607&obstype=observationer&species=alle&sortering=dato

Trektellen link: https://www.trektellen.nl/count/view/2525/20220411

The last stong NW-day

søndag 10. april 2022
af Menno den Uijl

Today was the last day with strong NWestern winds for the coming days. So tomorrow we can recontinue with the ringing again. Over Europe there will be some southern winds, so hopefully the delayed migrants will start to arrive the coming days.

The sea watch was not very productive, we did not see that many birds migrating. There were loads of divers on the sea, so maybe they decide to leave the area when the southerlies are here.

Today Bello joined the seawatch somewhat later than at the start. Yesterday his neck has been in very unnatural positions (see photo), because of the out of the car scoping, so he had to unsour has neck before he joined the seawatch.


Photo of the unnatural position of Bello’s neck – Photo by Menno

People at the station: Henrik, David, Bello and Menno

DOF-link: https://dofbasen.dk/search/result.php?design=table&soeg=soeg&periode=dato&dato=10-04-2022&omraade=stor&stor=607&obstype=observationer&species=alle&sortering=dato

Trektellen link: https://www.trektellen.nl/count/view/2525/20220410

Blæst over hav

lørdag 9. april 2022
Og fuglesafari!
af Mikkel Bello

Dagen startede med havobs igen sammen med Henrik og Menno og ingen ringmærkning. Vinden har lagt sigt siden igår, men er stadig for stærk til at slå nettene ud.
Havobsen var meget stille og rolig. Menno noterede idag, og brugte Trektellen appen. Vi er begyndt at skrive vores observationer ind  i Trektellen ud over i dofbasen, og jeg vil prøve med appen imorgen! Én art skal nævnes og det er en nord trækkende havterne som er en af de første observationer af arten i år derudover havde vi sæsonens første alk men ellers en kedelig morgen!

Da vi er færdige møder vi Sven Dall som er på vej ud, men vi lover ca 0 fugle så han tager med tilbage på stationen. Menno og jeg tager på tur rundt i området og fanger Henrik på vejen og kører efter ham ud til hestefoldene ved Hvidbjerg Camping hvor vi finder de to Sortryggede vipstjerte som han havde set et par dage forinden.  Vi tager videre til Grønningen og videre til Skallingen, men finder ikke noget af interesse, vi handler på tilbagevejen.

Tilbage på stationen inviterer Sven os med til Værnengene og det takker vi ja til.
Vi vil lave et fælles birdrace og se hvor mange arter vi kan presse ud af stedet. Jeg gætter på at vi ser 43 arter, Menno gætter på 48 og Sven lidt kægt på 60 arter. Vi ser hurtigt nogle skestorke og nogle flotte Store Kobbersnepper og en masse Bremgæs. De skal da lige kigges igennem, der kunne jo stå en rødhalset? Der skulle ikke gå mere en 5 minutter så har vi også fundet en! Meget flot fugl som jager lidt efter nogle af bremgæsne. Vi viser en Tysk mand fuglen som han bliver meget glad for at se! Det må være dagens fugl!
Rødhalset Gås, Værnengene. Foto: Mikkel Bello

Nå men vi fortsætter og for lige så stille samlet arter ind og ender med en total på 45 arter! De bliver lagt på Dofbasen, men først i morgen vil jeg opdatere med den fulde liste.
Stor Kobbersneppe, som var svær at digiscope da den var for tæt på! Foto: Mikkel Bello

I skrivende stund sidder jeg og gaber. Det har været en lang og aktiv dag, men en god en med en fed art, og godt selskab. I morgen håber jeg på lidt flere fugle at tælle på havet. Sov godt!

Skestork. Foto: Mikkel Bello

Dagens Observationer: Blåvand og Værnengene 

Another windy day

fredag 8. april 2022
Another day without ringing
af Menno den Uijl

Today, and the coming weekend the weather wont allow any ringing. This gives us the chance to so some work at the station and have some relaxation for the days when it is possible again to do some ringing. Luckely, the weather is perfect for some nice seawatch. Unfortunately, today was not as good yesterday.

And today, Morten left us. It was great fun, and we hope that you come back in the end of May!

At the end of the afternoon, a german child brougt us a ring. Fortunately, it was not one of our own birds. But it was from a captive one. A stock dove. It probably died during a race. The ring is a belgian and placed on the bird in 2013. This bird has reached the age of 8 years, because the only thing that was left of the bird was its carcass.

People at the station: Bent, Morten, Bello, Henrik and Menno

DOF link: https://dofbasen.dk/search/result.php?design=table&soeg=soeg&periode=dato&dato=08-04-2022&omraade=stor&stor=607&obstype=observationer&species=alle&sortering=dato

 ps. We are also on trektellen for the migration counts. Thx to Ole friis Larsen!

I might put all the counts from this season on, but that will take some time.


Skiftende og stadigt blæsende vejr

torsdag 7. april 2022
af Mikkel Bello



Fra venstre; Menno, Henrik. Snakker om hvor godt et sted vi har fået at observere fra på sydhukket efter en stor hybenbusk er blever fjernet. Foto: Bello

Idag starter observationen over havet kl 630 men jeg fik slukket alarmen i søvne og var derfor først ude i klitterne kl 650. Her var Henrik allerede igang. Jeg efterlignede Henriks set-up fra igår med campingstol og papaply, det var et meget komfortabelt resultat. 
lidt over 8 sluttede Menno sig til os da han havde sovet længe da vejret ikke var til at åbne net i morges. 

Almindelig Kjove(Arctic Skua), trak tæt forbi os ved sydhukket idag. Foto: Henrik Böhmer

Det var en god morgen! Gode arter som; Gråmåge (Glaucous Gull), Sorthalset lappedykker (Black-necked Grebe, Mallemuk(Fulmar), Almindelig Kjove(Arctic Skua) samt 6600 nordtrækkende Sortænder (Common Scoter). Vi slap stort set for regn og vi havde god sigt! En meget behagelig morgen.

Denne unge Gråmåge(Glaucous Gull) trak ligeledes tæt forbi på Sydhukket idag, det kunne godt være den samme vi havde trækkende syd i forgårs. Foto: Henrik Böhmer

Lidt i 11 havde vinden lagt sig en del og vejrudsigten viste at der ikke skulle komme meget regn, så Morten, og Menno åbnede net! Der gik kun få minutter før de første 2 fugle var fanget. Jeg hjalp lidt til da vi skulle have skiftet et af nettene som nogle rådyr havde ødelagt. 
Et andet højdepunkt! Jeg talte op til ca 20 Lille salamander i vores lille vandhul i haven. 
Bent er kommet og Mortens kæreste kommer senere i dag. 

Nu her kl 1230 hagler og regner det så Menno har taget nettene ned! 

Stationshaven i regnvejr. Foto: Bello

Dagens observationer:

Ringmærkningsliste (mærkning / genfangst)

Jernspurv (Dunnock) : (0/2)

Solsort (Blackbird) : (2/0)

Rødhals (Robin) : (4/0)

Gransanger (Common Chiffchaff) : (1/0)

Igen en dag med blæst og regnbyger

onsdag 6. april 2022
af Morten Jenrich Hansen

Blæst fra vest og lidt regnbyger holdt os fra at åbne net i haverne.
Ret godt for mit vedkommende, da jeg havde en off dag med mavepine og blev inde.
Bello og Menno brugte morgenobsen på Sydhukket sammen med Henrik Böhmer og fik nogle fine arter for foråret.
I dag var der 2 Mallemukker og 2 Fjordterner - sidstnævnte er stadig en meget tidlig forekomst for den art og normalt har vi Havterner mindst en uge før de første Fjordterne.
En anden art med en god forekomst i dag var Sortstrubet Lom, da 3 stk trak forbi.
Her er det normalt kun 1-2 Sortstrubede på gode dage mellem alle de Rødstrubede.
Blandt mågerne var 16 nordtrækkende Rider et godt syn - den art ses ellers fåtalligt ved Hukket i april.

Midt på dagen kom Sven Dall forbi for at snakke med mig om ringmærkning i forbindelse med nogle små videoklip om emnet, som han er ved at lave.
Han endte med sit kamera på stranden sidst på eftermiddagen i håb om, at den Amerikanske Sortand ville lave samme nummer som i går og ligge sig ind tæt på kysten.
Sven er stadig derude, så om den mission lykkedes ved jeg endnu ikke og dagens foto er derfor et af mine fra i går, da vi i dag manglede et passende foto til dagbogen.
Det var for koldt, vådt og blæsende i morges til at hive kameraet op af rygsækken.

Han Amerikansk Sortand 05. april 2022. Foto: Morten Jenrich Hansen

Folk på stationen: Henrik Böhmer, Sven Dall, Menno, Bello og Morten 

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