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Another Day of Strong Winds

onsdag 5. juni 2024
af Maxim

This morning, we probably had the strongest winds of the season, with gusts of winds as high as 22 m/s. Naturally this meant we were not able to open the mist nets today. Instead of walking the rounds in the gardens I went for a walk in the dunes and on my way back to the station I checked on the fenced off breading area of the Little terns. Part of the fence did not withstand the high tides and the strong winds of late. With a little afford and some time I hoisted the fence back up. In the process of fixing the fence I learned that the electrical current that goes through the fence, protecting the breading birds from predators, works just fine. The rest of the day was quite uneventful. Michael and I lazed around the station and I did some work on my project.

The weather predictions for tomorrow say that there will be some rain early in the morning and a westerly wind of 9 m/s. It remains to be seen if we will be able to open the nets.

People at the station: Michael and Maxim

the youngs take the lead

tirsdag 4. juni 2024
af Michael

This morning Maxim and I opened the nets at the standerd time and for a change, we caught some birds. in total we caught 2 controls and 7 new birds. One of the controls was a 1k blackbird from last week and 4 of the new birds where young tree sparrows, of which one we caught with a spring trap. 


After ringing I went to the beach to see if there where any new ringed plovers to ring. I came across the first young little terns of the season in the enclosure. I also ringed 2 young ringed plovers in a walk of about 2 km over the beach. 


After the walk over the beach, I discovered the first scarce chaser of Blåvand. Unfortunately, I didn't have a my camera with me and when I came back with my camera, I couldn't find it anymore. 

An early start of the day, but a late start ringing

mandag 3. juni 2024
af Maxim

With the weather prediction of strong winds this morning I woke up knowing that the possibility of opening the nets was slim. And to no surprise this was correct. It was surprising however that Michael was already out in the dunes searching for birds to ring. And he had some success! Ringing a juvenile Skylark and recapturing one he ringed the 17th of May.


Juvenile Skylark caugth in the early hour of the morning - Note the long toe nails

With no ringing in the morning Michael and I went back to bed to catch up on some sleep. Later in the morning I worked on my project while Michael went back out in the dunes where he heard a Bluethroat singing on the north side of the “lake”. Michael also found a bush where a Shrike pair are supposed to nest, but he had no luck finding the actual nest just yet. In the afternoon Bent came by to see how the two of us were doing before heading out to the coast to check on the fenced off breeding area of the Little terns and Collared plovers.

Later in the afternoon the wind died down a bit and so the nets were opened in both gardens. This resulted in ringing 4 juvenile Great tits and three recaptures.


One of the juvenile Great tits of the day

People at the station: Bent, Michael and Maxim

Afsked med foråret

mandag 3. juni 2024
af Morten Jenrich Hansen

Jeg havde min sidste dag på fuglestationen lørdag, hvor jeg blev afhentet midt på eftermiddagen,men
holder nu kontakten med den hollandske M&M duo og lovede, at skrive søndagens blog som min sidste opgave.
Jeg gik nu ikke  glip af meget ved at værre taget hjem.

Foråret og trækket af fugle har virkelig sluppet speederen de seneste uger, så det nu virker til, at det kun er sommerens faste ynglefugle, der er i området.

Vi skal lige et par uger længere ind i sommermånederne før returtrækket af vadefugle kommer i gang og sætter kulør på tilværelsen ved Blåvand fuglestation.

Maxim og Michael havde nogle net åbne i morgentimerne, men var presset af for meget vind til at kunne arbejde med alle net.
Deres forsøg på fangst og ringmærkning af nogle fugle slog da også fejl – de fangede ikke en eneste fugl i de timer, hvor de havde net oppe! 

De tog dog lidt revanche senere på dagen, hvor de fik ringmærket et kuld Gransanger unger fra en rede i Fyrhaven og 3 unger af Stor Præstekrave på stranden.


Ellers vil jeg blot benytte mine sidste linjer af bloggen til at sige tusinde tak til alle involverede ved Blåvand Fuglestation for, at give mig muligheden til at hjælpe med ringmærkningen endnu et forår.

Det giver altid en masse spændende oplevelser i naturen herude og møde med søde mennesker på fuglestationen.
Både de faste folk i gruppen omkring Blåvand fuglestation, de besøgende gennem foråret af både enkelt personer og grupperne af weekend møder blandt DKU, SU og Club300.
Ekstra tak går til Maxim, Michael, Bianca, James, Lisa, Jimmy, Freya, Lucas og Mallory, der har holdt mig ud i kortere eller længere tid som ringmærkningsinstruktør og bofælle.
De har alle været søde og taget hensyn til den mærkelige gamle mand i flokken af unge naturentusiaster ????

Nu venter jeg spændt på at se, hvad Maxim og Michael disker op med de næste 2 uger – udgangs effekten og det, at jeg er taget hjem lidt før tid pga mit udfordrede helbred, burde give garanti for en SU art eller 2 i nettene!

Held og lykke til M&M resten af sæsonen!

Just the 2 of us

lørdag 1. juni 2024
af Michael

The morning began slow. It was better than a few days back, when we had just a few birds,but it was still really slow. for the first few hours Lucas and Mallory where still here to support us, but after a few hours, they left the Blåvand fuglestation. Hopefully they had a good time here, but it is time for their next adventure;)


The most mentionable we caught was a newborn great tit. They are incredibly cute and another advantage of the young ones, they don't bite that hard. The ringed parents know the nets very well, they are both ringed of course, and managed to avoid the nets while alarming. 


While ringing Morten heard a bee-eeter fly by, but before we could see it, it was already gone. In the meanwhile, I also noticed a chiffchaff (ringed of course) carrying food, and that could mean only 1 thing, it has a nest with youngs nearby. after roughly half an hour, I managed to find the well hidden nest with youngs.

At the end of the afternoon, Morten also left, so the station is now in hands of the dutchies...

Ringing between Gaps of Rainfall and the Opening of the Lighthouse Exhibitions

fredag 31. maj 2024
af Maxim

Today was another day with rain in the morning and so, the nets did not open until later in the day. Of course, we want to be able to have the nets open for as long as possible each day, but the positive side of rain in the morning is that we do not have to get out of bed at 4 o’clock in the morning and we can sleep in a little bit. After weeks of early mornings I won't complain about this!

Between the rainfall of the morning and afternoon, Morten opened the nets in the station garden and managed to ring 8 birds and 1 recapture. The lighthouse nets did not open today, but for a good reason! Today the renovations of the lighthouse keeper’s residence has officially been finished and so two new exhibitions have opened. To celebrate, an opening party was organized.

The two new exhibitions are an updated version of the visitor center "Horns Rev Wind Farm Visitor Center" and a newly built "gate" to the Wadden Sea National Park. The gate is part of the national park's "Welcome to Wadden Sea National Park" project. 

Last night after dinner, Henrik and Lucas went for a walk in the area and to all our surprice they spotted a wolf! After all the talks about the animal being in the area it is very exciting to some actual footage from an individual!


The wolf Henrik and Lucas found lastnight.

Tonight, we shared one last dinner with the five of us together. Tomorrow Lucas, Mallory and Morten will all three leave for home. Micheal and I will hold down the fort untill the new volunteer arive in a few weeks. It was a pleasure to get to know each and every one of them and I wish them the best!

Since Mallory won’t post another blog before leaving the station, Mallory wanted to share goobye present of a picture of a “big” rainworm she was very excited to find after dinner (for scale: foot size = 41).


People at the station: Lucas, Mallory, Michael, Morten and Maxim

ringing or reading rings?..

torsdag 30. maj 2024
af Michael

With birdbanding, this was the worst day I've had until now. At the station garden we had 2 new birds and 1 recapture, with the best catch a collared dove, and 1 new icterine warbler at the lighthouse garden. During the ringing, we went out a lot looking for birds, and in special the turtle dove that has been hanging around for the last few days in the area. I finally got to see it too and managed to take some photo's of it as well.


After the ringing I went out for reading some rings of the gulls/terns. unfortunately, when I arrived at the gulls and terns, there where some people who disturbed the group of birds which I was photographing and unfortunately I wasn't able to read all the rings that where there. I managed to get one sandwich tern with a colour ring (G-3C9), and it turned out to be a bird ringed in north Ireland.


I also got the life history of one of the caspian gulls back, and it was ringed in Berlin in June 2022. In the warm afternoon I photographed some of the house martins that are gathering mud for their nests at the parking lot, and after that I tried reading some tree sparrow rings. Eventually I managed to read 2 rings of which one I haven't seen before, ringed in 2022 by a formal Dutch intern, Menno. 


We had a good closure of the day with Henrik taking us out for diner in Blåvand, it was good food and most importantly, very fun!

Regn og pie

onsdag 29. maj 2024
af Morten Jenrich Hansen

En regnfuld dag med ca 15mm nedbør fordelt over hele morgenen og det meste af eftermiddagen.
Vi fik gjort lidt rent i huset og Mallory forkælede os med at bage en blåbærtærte til at trøste os midt på dagen.
Best Georgia style blueberry-pie!

Jeg havde gjort et spagt forsøg på at åbne net i halvanden time i stationshaven mellem kl 9 og 10:30, hvor der var et ophold i regnbygerne, men uden at have held til at fange en eneste fugl i det tidsrum.
Det gav mig dog en fin art, da jeg mellem netrunderne gik en tur omkring Vesterled og genfandt Turtelduen, som Anders havde i går.
Fuldstændig samme oplevelelse som han havde – den fouragerede på jorden ved stien, blev med det samme jeg viste mig skræmt op og fløj lavt over klitterne mod nordsiden af Fyrbakken.
Denne gang lykkedes det dog Lucas at se fuglen igen en halv time senere, da han så den flyve ud fra krattet nordvest for Fyret.
Mens han ledte efter duen havde han en af de hårde lige ved og næsten obs med en potentiel ny art for Hukket.
Han så en mindre vadefugl komme flyvende fra kystsiden og ind over Mosen, hvor den så ud til at gå ned i den aller nordligste del eller i vådområdet lidt længere mod nord.
Lucas umiddelbare id af fuglen var en Stribet Ryle, som han kender til hudløshed hjemme fra staterne, men udfordringen var bare, at han jo ikke stod hjemme i Californien, men på Blåvandshuk, så den obs går desværre ikke igennem DOFbasens kvalitets kontrol, da der er for lidt dokumentation for så sjælden en fugl herhjemme.
Arten er set et par gange tidligere så tæt på som Grønningen, men mangler altså stadig herude.

Desværre var der skydning og ingen adgang til Mosen, så det var først efter kl 20, at kuglen blev sænket og jeg gik en tur rundt om Mosen og tjekkede i det lille håb om, at den skulle raste dernede.
Desværre uden held, men det blev da til 3 Rødben, 5 Viber, 1 Dobbeltbekkasin, 1 Gravand, 2 Skeænder og de 6 unger fra Gråand kuldet er ved at være store.

Efter kl 16 holdt regnen op og vi prøvede igen med åbne net i begge haver indtil kl 20.
Det gav mærkning af 2 Gulbuge, 1 Broget Fluesnapper og genfangst af 3 Gærdesangere, så vi endte alligevel med at få et par fugle i hænderne i dag.

Folk på stationen: Lucas, Mallory, Maxim, Michael og Morten

Persistence Pays Off

tirsdag 28. maj 2024
af Lucas Corneliussen

This morning was painful - it had been forecasted to rain for the past several days and we have been dreading it, but today was the day it finally came. A few of us woke up early to confirm it was actually raining, and unsurprisingly it was just as predicted. Over the next few hours we watched the weather and it continued to rain with force. Fortunately, by midday it began to clear and we opened the nets.

The nets were alright during the midday and produced a few new captures including 3 Icterine Warblers, a Linnet and a Blackcap. The nets further produced another nice bird: a Dunnock, which was ringed in Germany. We have already captured it this spring, but this time it showed a brood patch which confirmed it is nesting in the area. We totaled the day with 8 recaptures and 5 new birds.


The main highlights of the day came from those not staying at the station: Rune and Anders. In the morning hours during the rain, Rune found a singing Bluethroat around the Mosen. Later in the day, Anders got a quick look at a European Turtle-Dove behind the station which we were unfortunately unable to refind. 

Birds Near and Far

mandag 27. maj 2024
af Mallory Echols

Monday, 27 May at Blåvand Fuglestation started slowly. Precipitation overnight and a damp, overcast morning set the scene for a nearly fruitless session of ringing. 

Most captures were controls, though Morten did ring a family of greenfinches. 

When there isn't much ringing to be done, our attentions are drawn to other activities such as observations.


A House Sparrow near the station where Tree Sparrows reign was a nice departure from the norm. 


Some Red-throated Divers as part of the tail end of migration.


A Glaucos Gull spotted on the beach. 

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