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Clear sky at last!

tirsdag 5. november 2019
After 2 rainy days, finally at noon the rain stopped!
af Lisa Flam

Another rainy morning gave us a few extra hours of sleep, we could open the nets only at 11:00 and so we did. Not many birds were around at that time, we could see more out the window earlier in the morning (but there was too much rain to open the nets so we could only watch).

I am enjoying these days the company of Yotam Lehnardt, a very experienced Israeli ringer (yes, we are 2/3 Israelis in the house currently!).

IMG 20191105 WA0031.jpg1
Yotam with his first ringed Coal Tit (sortmejse)! Documented the moment: Lisa Flam

Michael has been sick the last days so there was no observation today. He is getting better and we are hoping tomorrow he will be able to get back to work.

The bad news today was getting a ringed 1CY female Blackbird (solsort) that I ringed a week ago, dead. She flew into a window here in Blåvand and brought to the station. I hope the next ringed bird that will be found will be safe and alive!

20191105 155700
After we closed the nets I used Ole’s bread recipe and baked my first successful bread! I'm so excited! Photo: Lisa Flam

Tomorrow should be a good day after 2 rainy days, but it seems like a cold day as well. My Israeli genes are not prepared for this kind of cold!

Species New Ringed Recapture 
Dunnock (jernspurv)   1
Robin (rødhals) 2  
Blackbird (solsort) 1  
Song Thrush (sangdrossel) 1  
Goldcrest (fuglekonge) 2 1
Coal Tit (sortmejse) 1  
Yellowhammer (gulspurv) 1  
Total 8 2

20191105 120748.jpg1
Adult male Goldcrest (fuglekonge). Also, after 2.5 months, Goldcrests still excite me. Photo: Lisa Flam