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Rain rain go away

lørdag 2. november 2019
Fuglestationsudvalgsmøde fandt sted.
af Lisa Flam

After assuming today will be rainy from early morning, I woke up to check the weather and saw it would be possible to ring for just a few hours. I woke up Emil, both him and Michael joined me, and we opened the nets. We had only a few birds, but on the bright side, more then double from yesterday!

It was drizzling all day so at some point the nets seemed to be too wet to continue and we closed them early.

At the observation point it was a quiet day as well, the weather wasn’t ideal. It was very misty and hard to see anything. They had seen 1 Grey Wagtail (Bjergvipstjert), 1 Reed Bunting (Rørspurv), some Starlings (Stære), Eiders (Ederfugle), 1 Fieldfare (Sjagger) etc.

The Bird Stations Commitee meeting is taking place here in Blåvand this weekend, it is nice to get to meet all the people in charge of the stations in Denmark all together.

The next days seem to be rainy as well, we are hoping for some weather change soon.

Species New Ringed Recapture
Wren (gærdesmutte) 3  
Robin (rødhals)   1
Blackbird (solsort)   1
Song Thrush (sangdrossel) 1  
Redwing (vindrossel) 1  
Blackcap (munk) 4  
Goldcrest (fuglekonge) 4  
Total 13 2