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Result of the ringed Blackbird from UK

lørdag 17. marts 2018
af Could it get worse with the cold weather! Yes. Very cold conditions again!

Weather: temperature -4° to max. -1°; strong breeze from East (71°) 12 m/s gusting up to 20 m/s. Some sunny spots between the clouds over the day and some snowflakes were dancing through the air.

The same as yesterday no ringing today. Nice to see this Eurasian wren (Troglodytidae – Gærdesmutte - Zaunkönig).

180317 Blog HS P1170469 4 Zaunkonig

Photo: H. Schinke

A few common blackbirds (Turdus merula - Solsorten – Amseln) and song thrushes (Turdus philomelos – Sangdrossel - Singdrossel) found the way to our garden.

We get very quickly the result of the female blackbird with the ring from Great Britain. She got her ring in Autumn 2013 at Hartlepool, UK. She is now over 4 years old. Can you imagine she made her migration flight a minimum of 4 times there and back again! And for a bird who lives in the woods or country sides she crossed the sea. The distance between Hartlepool and Blavand is 569 km. She traveled a minimum distance of 4768 km. This means she traveled 12 times the whole distance of Denmark from the South to the North. Of course we are not sure about her further trip from Blåvand to her final destination. So it could be many more kilometers. We wish her further on a safe journey.