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The calm before the storm..

onsdag 30. august 2017
...and my god.. it was calm!
af Christian Schano

Vejr: direction - NV (311); speed - 4 m/s; cloud cover - 1/8; visibility - 15 km; temperature - 15.9°C

I am afraid, I soon will start to struggle to find a first sentence other than "Again, we had XY weather, but not many birds", but it unfortunately really is true. So luckily, this sentence just saved me from starting so similarly for the third time in a row. Wader migration seems to have come to an end, but Common Scoters and Gannets kept us busy. Unfortunately, this was not because they were incredibly numerous, but just couldn't decide whether it is best to rest, to fly south or to fly north. Gannets were a bit more frequent today (about 250 birds), but numbers of Common Scoters did not change drastically compared to the previous days. Today however brought our first Grey Wagtail of the autumn, which we could only hear, but not see due to the quick pass and our focus on a Great Skua, again flying over the beach very closely (we are fearing it might be the same bird that we spotted over the last couple of days and might be sick as the remiges seemed to be in bad condition). This skua also meant that counting gulls and tern proceeded extremely difficult today, as they avoided the beach. Well, it seemed, we were not the only ones who saw a skua at close range today, I coincidently got a nice picture from Sandra today (I will normally not post anything that is not directly related to the "fuglestation", but in this case, I thought an exception is okay :) ).

Ringing was quiet aswell, we had 6 species, summing up to 13 individuals, but no real highlights aswell, although we enjoyed talking about rarities a lot :).
Ringmærkning: Robin (1), Garden Warbler (3), Blackcap (5), Chiffchaff (2), Willow Warbler (1), Spotted Flycatcher (1). 


Let's see what tomorrow brings, Christian