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We tried.. we really tried...

søndag 20. august 2017
...but in the end, the weather beat us, again!
af SSt & CSc

Vejr: direction - V; speed - 10 to 15 m/s; cloud cover - 8/8; temperature - 15.0 °C

We are truly sorry, but although we tried really hard, the weather beat us again today. The second we reached our counting location for the seabird migration, it started pouring again (thunder and lightning included) and after 20 minutes and only 3 Common Scoters (and some gulls that were not distinguishable due to the bad visibility), we accepted our defeat and went back to the station. Here is a picture to show our mood and defeat, the moment we gave up (5 seconds out and the phone was completely wet, hence the bad quality). Unfortunately, this is the last picture of this umbrella being alive, may it rest in peace, we surely will never forget it's support:

DSC 0722

On the plus side, Lars, Denna and Jørgn arrived at the station, so we once again found out how easy-going Danish birdwatchers really are (big compliment).
We hope you are as eager for more information on the actual migration as we are,

Sandra & Christian