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Changable weather

onsdag 12. juni 2024
af Michael

The last few days have been pretty changable, just like today. We have some rain regularely, but then suddenly the sun is shining again. As I am typing this, it is sunny while it is raining. And this shower hasn't even been mentioned at the forecast...

This morning I went out for nightcatching again. With 4 new birds, the score isn't that bad, and some variation as well. I had one yellowhammer, skylark, a young tree pipit and a linnet. I normally ring them in the field, but this time, just when I wanted to ring the linnet, an unexpected shower came by, and I was luckely close to the station, so I ran back and savely ringed it there.


I also went out this afternoon to see if I could find the shrike pair that I have been seeing a few weeks back, but then suddenly not anymore. Luckely, soon after my arrival I saw the male. Unfortunately, this bird has the habit to just disappear into nothing, so I didn't see it for to long. As I was looking for the shrike as it had just disappeared, I saw a white tailed eagle flying over the beach, always impressive to see this awesome bird!