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Business as usual

tirsdag 11. juni 2024
af Maxim

We are still waiting for the weather to make a change. Michael and I are hoping for at least a few more days to have the chance to do some ringing before the spring ringing season officially ends this saterday. With the strong winds no nets were open today and it looks like most days/mornings this week ringing will be obstructed by winds and potential rain.

In the night Michael went out again and had some success catching birds. Most notable was the catch of a Meadow pipit, which was a first for Michael to have in the hands!

Early in the morning while making some coffee there was a surprise visit from David, who had done some morning observations. David had hoped for some action with the strong northwestern winds but unfortunately that turned out not to be the case.

After dinner Michael went out to the beach to try and read the rings of some shorebirds. He spotted some gulls with colour rings of which he managed to read the rings of two lesser black-backed gulls, both turned out to be with German rings. And while at the beach Michael checked on the fenced off breading area and managed to ring four collared plover chicks!


People at the station: David, Michael and Maxim