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Arrival of Lucas

onsdag 15. maj 2024
af Michael

Today was a slow day again. Morten was ringing in the garden, Maxim and me in the lighthouse garden. the wind was slightly less than yesterday, and there where more birds than yesterday. in fact, the first bird was already a small suprise, because we caught a 2k male wheatear. the total was crushing yesterdays catch with 13 new birds and 5 controls.


Unfortunately, there where no observations this morning. I went out to check the sea and it didn't seem we missed a lot, the sea was pretty empty, but on one of the sand banks where 3 roosting black terns and some ringed comorants, herring gulls and sandwich terns, unfortunately too far away to read them.

Just before dinner, Lucas arrived. Maxim had just made some delicious food and after eating, I said I would go out for ringing some young plovers, and of course, Lucas and Maxim wanted to join. We caught 3 of them, and we think the fourth one was dead already, or just unfindable. When you say cuteness overload, this is what we mean...


After ringing the chicks, we went to the lake to see if there was anything special to find, and we found a skylark nest. Not bad! After finding the nest Maxim went back to the station and Lucas and I stayed in the area, when we suddenly saw a few yellow wagtails flying around. One of them appeared to be a subspecies M.flava thinbergi and M.flava flavissima. This sequence of events and other nice sightings like red-backed shrike and corn bunting must have been a great arrival for Lucas, he will definetely have a great time here!