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The Best November Day Ever

søndag 5. november 2023
af Joseph Stephan

Today began with Anton, Antonia, and me opening the mist nets, while Louis and Böhmer headed out to the observation site. It was an eventful day with a great variety of rare sightings.

We not only spotted six Great Northern Divers (Islom), with four of them flying together in a single flock, but we also saw a Pallid Swift (Grasejler) that circled around the dunes the entire afternoon, accompanied by three Barn Swallows (Landsvale). Furthermore, we were graced with the majestic presence of both a Pallid (Steppehög) and a Hen Harrier (Bla Kaerhog)! You can find a comprehensive list of all observations here.


two Great Northern Divers // Photo: Louis Poulsen


Pallid Swift // Photo: Louis Poulsen


Pallid Harrier // Photo: Henrik Böhmer

The ringing started off rather slowly but took an interesting turn around 12 o'clock when we were pleasantly surprised by the first Bohemian Waxwing (Silkehale) of this autumn season. In total, we managed to catch 42 birds.


Bohemian Waxwing

It was truly an extraordinary day today! We went to bed feeling content and grateful, eagerly anticipating tomorrow, as the weather conditions are looking promising with a western wind.

People at the station: Anton Liebermann, Antonia Greil, Louis Poulsen, Joseph Stephan