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The best Observation Day!

lørdag 4. november 2023
af Antonia Greil

Sadly, the weather was not suitable again for ringing today, so we could not open any nets. For me, this was an opportunity to get some rest, as I was feeling I was catching a cold, but I think I could successfully avoid it.

But for Louis, Joseph, Didrik and Lovis, a lot was happening at the Daily Morning Observation! Especially Louis, who was been observing today for many many hours, had a lot of highlights, one more exciting than the other. But the best were of course not less than 2617 Little Gulls (Dværgmåger)! That is a lot more than some days ago, where we had around 1000. The second best bird today was the Pallid Swift (Gråsejler), which we had been hoping to see for some days now. Today it finally came and the Observation-Team was delighted, for Joseph it was even a Lifer. And there was more: a late Arctic Tern (Havterne); some Goosander (Stor Skallesluger) which are quite common in other parts of Denmark, but not so often seen here; a Horned Grebe (Nordisk Lappedykker), which is also a nice sighting as there are usually around 5 sightings in the autumn season; and some Sabine’s Gulls (Sabinemåge). So, even though the wind conditions were not perfect (S 9m/s), it was a pretty awesome day to be out observing! All observations can be seen here.


Pallid Swift (Louis Poulsen)

While Louis continued to hold his ground observing, the rest of us took some time for birding, walking around the area and food shopping. When I went out to get some fresh air, I could watch a lot of waders on the beach: 20 Turnstones (Stenvender), some Oystercatchers (Strandskade), Red Knots (Islandsk Ryle), Dunlins (Almindelig Ryle) and many Sanderlings (Sandløber). Anton took a walk to Grønningen and found a Pallid Swift as well, which he was very happy about. Tonight, Didrik and Lovis made a lovely dinner (and even dessert!!) and it is their last evening with us, as they will return to Sweden tomorrow.

People at the Station: Joseph Stephan, Louis Poulsen, Antonia Greil, Anton Liebermann, Didrik, Lovis