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A Slow Day in Good Company

onsdag 1. november 2023
af Joseph Stephan

The weather today was unpleasant, with a wind speed of 7 m/s from the southeast and intermittent rain showers. The migration was quite slow today, but we still saw 2820 Starlings (Staer) and eleven Sparrowhawks (Spurvehög). You can find a comprehensive list of all observations here.

Due to the bad weather, only the nets in the station garden were set up, where we caught 15 birds, including a Great Spotted Woodpecker (Stor Flagspaette), which arguably was the bird of the day.


1K female Great Spotted Woodpecker

While Didrik, Lovis, and Louis went to Nymindegab to twitch a Ring-necked Duck (Halsbåndstroldand), Liva baked some delicious brownies, which all of us enjoyed to the fullest. Afterwards, Antonia and Felix prepared a mouthwatering Chili con Carne for dinner, while Anton, Liva, and I watched "The Mask," one of the best movies ever made.

billed_duck.jpgRing-necked Duck

We went to bed happy and grateful, looking forward to tomorrow, when we will face another great day at the Fuglestation.

People at the Station: Louis Poulsen, Anton Liebermann, Joseph Stephan, Antonia Greil, Felix, Liva, Didrik, Lovis