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Trick or Treat - we got a Woodcock!

tirsdag 31. oktober 2023
af Antonia Greil

First of all: We are trying to revive the Instagram-Account of the Fuglestation! The last time it was a little bit inactive, but with a new month comes new motivation! So if you want to see pictures of the beautiful birds we ring and see at the observations, check it out: Blaavand Instagram

At the Morning Observation, Louis had wind conditions of 8m/s from NNO. He counted over 300 Common Scoters (Sortand), some Eiderducks (Ederfugl), Wigeon (Pibeand), Teal (Krikand) and Scaup (Bjergand). Again, there were some Little Gulls (Dværgmåge) and also some Redthroated Divers (Rødstrubet Lom). Passerines were seen as well, like Common Crossbills (Lille Korsnæb), Snowbuntings (Snespurv) and Goldfinches (Stillits). A Short-eared Owl (Mosehornugle) was getting in good sight and Louis took a nice picture of it! All observations can be seen here.


Photo: Louis Poulsen

Meanwhile, Anton, Joseph, Felix, Liva and I had the Nets open and were doing Netrounds until midday. It was quite cold compared to yesterday, I think I have to adapt to this low temperature now and buy some fingerless gloves (very essential for extracting birds out of the net!). When we opened the nets, a lot of birds were migrating and calling, so we expected a very busy day. 15 birds were caught in the Helgoland Trap before we even properly started with checking, so that was very promising! The first two rounds were quite full, but it calmed down quickly. We had a very nice male Lesser Redpoll (Lille Gråsisken), apart from that it was mainly Robins (Rødhals), Goldcrests (Fuglekonge) and Blackbirds (Solsort). In the last rounds, we had time to compare some adults and young ones of the same species, for example Robins and Blackcaps (Munks), which is always interesting to see side by side. In total we had 153 birds.


Then, in the closing round, the highlight of the day was caught! An adult Woodcock (Skovsneppe) was flushed and flying into the Helgoland Trap! With quick reactions and fast running, we managed to catch this amazing bird. Last week we had a Woodcock while we were out Nightcatching, and it was really nice to see this bird and its fascinating wing pattern now in bright daylight.


Photo: Felix K.

In the afternoon I took a walk with Felix on the beach and we saw two pretty Snowbuntings (Snespurv) very close while they were foraging. Felix took some nice pictures and afterwards we did a trip to the Supermarket with Joseph, to fill up the empty fridges. Two guests, Didrik and Lovis from Sweden, arrived, and now Louis has made a delicious Lasagna.


Photo: Felix K.

People at the Station: Louis Poulsen, Anton Liebermann, Joseph Stephan, Antonia Greil, Felix, Liva, Didrik, Lovis