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Enjoying the sun

tirsdag 30. maj 2023
af Amelie Sophie Zeller

Early in the morning I said goodbye to Rose and Py. Rose will now spend her last month of her internship at the Nationalpark Vadehavet on Rømø, while Py has gone back home to Copenhagen. In the morning I took care of some university matters concerning my Master's applications. Then I took the blood samples for the West Nile Virus study to the post office. Around 11 am Bent came by and picked out some photos for a presentation on Thursday about the history of the bird station.

In the afternoon I had time for a nice trip to Oksby Klitplantage. There I climbed Husbjerg and could watch a red deer. On the way back I could also see two Ravens (Ravn) and some Crested Tits (Topmejse).


It was the best weather for taking a walk.


Making a nice little coffee break in the sun.


On the paths there were so many of the Labyrintedderkop.

Finally, I picked up Morten from Oksbøl. In the afternoon Henrik Callesen came by and went for a walk, where he saw 5 Red-backed Shrikes (Rødrygget Tornskade) and 2 Wheatears (Stenpikker).

Tomorrow there will be some ringing again, so we’ll see how that goes, as the wind is unfortunately picking up again…

Fiolk på stationen: Bent, Morten, Henrik og Amelie