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Just a very nice day :)

tirsdag 23. maj 2023
af Amelie Sophie Zeller

And a beautiful day comes to an end! Rose and I started into a slow morning. It had been blowing all night and the wind was still strong in the morning. Morten was up a bit earlier and even opened a few nets that were not so exposed. He caught the fourth Wood Warbler (Skovsanger) of the season, an Icterine Warbler (Gulbug) and a Spotted Flycatcher (Grå Fluesnapper). We then had a very late breakfast together with banana pancakes. Morten checked some ringing data today and even cut the grass under the nets.

Rose and I did a bit of coworking in the dining room. She worked on her report about her internship in the national park, while I did some research about my dried plants. Bent also came by and chatted with us. In the afternoon Rose and I went on a super great trip to Nyeng and Skallingen.


It was beautiful! We listened to music on the car and made lots of great observations. In one garden there was a huge group of Dådyr, which we could watch from the car.



We also saw Redshanks (Rødben), a Grey Plover (Strandhjejle), several hundred Sanderlings (Sandløber), Brent Geese (Knortegås), two Shelducks (Gravand) and several Oyster Catchers (Strandskade). On the way back we spotted a Lapwing (Vibe) with four chicks.


Because we lost a bit the sense of time during long talks, we made some quick and tasty fried rice and then packed up a few things, because Rose and I are going to Langli tomorrow, we are looking forward to it!