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Two species of creeper

søndag 26. juni 2022
Unfortunately the wallcreeper was not at the party...
af Menno den Uijl


Today the weather was very nice again. And some eastern winds during the night got me quite excited. Although I had some expectations (with another paddyfield at Skagen) , the result was not that good. But that is also not that strange this late in the season. The highlight though, was to have the short toed and Eurasian treecreeper on the same day. Since both birds are quite scarce, it is quite rare. It is also very nice since the differences between the two species are not that big. In the Netherlands, short toed is the regular species and Eurasian more rare. Now that I have had the opportunity to study them both on the same day, makes me more confident in finding a Eurasian some day in the Netherlands.

Another interesting catch was the rosefinch that we caught three weeks ago. Now she had a broodpatch, indicating that she is on eggs. We didn’t see or hear a male.


Stonechat 2/0

Icterine warbler 0/2

Lesser whitethroat 1/3

Chiffchaff 3/1

Willow warbler 1/2

Treecreeper 1/0

Short toed treecreeper 1/0

Starling 3/0

Tree sparrow 1/0

Greenfinch 0/1

Goldfinch 1/0

Rosefinch 0/1

Totals  15/9