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Fog followed by rain

torsdag 19. maj 2022
af Menno den Uijl

Today was maybe the worst day of the season. The nets could be opened at the start of the day, but did only six! new birds flew in…. Fog in the morning and rain in the afternoon are not the best combination for a good day. Because of the fog, the morning observations did not take place.

The only nice thing about today is that we caught our first juvenile bird. It is really funny to see this juvenile song thrush. It was also nice to see how it was still growing its primaries and tail. In song thrush this happens outside the nest, so they are less vulnerable for predators.


Picture of the juvenile song thrush – Picture by Menno

Ringing totals:

Song thrush     (1/0)

Icterine warbler (1/1)

Lesser whitethroat (1/1)

Common whitethroat              (1/0)

Blackcap           (0/1)

Chiffchaff         (1/1)

Great tit            (0/2)

Greenfinch       (0/2)

Redpoll             (0/2)

Bullfinch           (0/1)