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Many visitors today

tirsdag 17. maj 2022
And two seasons first: Marsh and Reed warbler
af Menno den Uijl

Today I expected to call Bent after the first round, because of high numbers of birds in the nets. Unfortunately, the nets were rather empty, probably because of a big front of showers south of us. Because of this, passerines are less likely to migrate. And that could be seen in the nets. Today Bent had a visiting elderly high school who came here to see something of the activities that are caried out here. After a few birds, they went to the fens for the little terns. The tour concluded at Skallingen, were Bent told something about the amazing nature there.

After the lunch, the rain disappeared so the birds came in. The highlights for me were two icterine warblers and spotted flycatcher (finally!).

After a very slow day Bello decided to get a more sleep in to be more rested the coming days.

We also hit some a new milestone, this season more than 200 chiffchaffs were ringed.

Today we had another two arrivals, in the form of a marsh warbler and reed warbler. We hope to get them in the nets in the coming days!


If so many people are standing around one bird in hand you would expect a mega, here it is just a dunnock (but probably a first for many as well) – Photo by Menno

Ringing totals: 

Dunnock (1/0)

Redstart (4/0)

Blackbird (0/1)

Song thrush (1/0)

Icterine warbler (2/0)

Lesser whitethroat (4/0)

Common whitethroat (3/1)

Garden warbler (2/0)

Chiffchaff (5/1)

Willow warbler (9/0)

Spotted flycatcher (1/0)

Pied flycatcher (1/0)

Starling (0/1)

Chaffinch (0/2)

Lesser redpoll (1/0)

Bullfinch (2/0)

Doflink: https://dofbasen.dk/search/result.php?design=table&soeg=soeg&periode=antaldage&dage=10&omraade=hiddenlok&hiddenlok=555209&obstype=observationer&sortering=dato=17-05-2022&searchmyobs=Vis+dato

People at the station: Mikkel, Menno, Bent and the visiting group