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Another day with fresh arrivels

lørdag 14. maj 2022
af Mikkel Bello

I was joined by my parents on the count this morning, but my mother joined menno with the ringing shortly after. It wasnt very exciting on the counting although we saw a Black Throated Diver and a Peregrin Falcon.
Peregrin Falcon. Photo by Mikkel 

After, my dad and I walked to the bog and found a Spotted Flycatcher which is the first for this season in Blåvand also two grasshopper warblers. I also found a warbler I found interesting but it wasnt cooporating with us at all, and we couldn't find it afterwards only chifchaf was in the bushes so it might just have been that.
The butt of a Grasshopper Warbler. Photo by Mikkel 

Menno had a day with some fine birds especially Pied Flycatcher was a highlight as he chaught 7! 
Later I took my parents out to see the floks of Red Dear near Tane Sø. It was very sucessfull as we also saw a Bittern. 

Bitteren. Photo by Mikkel 

David joined us today and will stay until tomorrow. We went out to eat for dinner all five of us which was really nice! After My parents left. We went back to the station and soon went for a walk to the bog. We saw the Spotted flycatcher but nothing elese of interest.  Now we are going to bed.

Link to Dofbasen, here

People at the station: David, Pernille, Menno, Svend, Mikkel.