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Slow day in Blåvand

tirsdag 3. maj 2022
af Agata Balicka
Day started with a very strong wind in the morning, so we were not able to open all of the nets - moreover, we even decided to close few of them after first rounds. Despite the weather was not pleasant for us, we expected that it would favour passerines migration and we would have nets full of birds. Eventually we caught only 5 individuals. In terms of collecting data this was not very successful day (although even no results are results themselves), but obviously we can not complain about having nothing to do. We used the free time between rounds to learn new things, such as latin names of birds (to gain polish ringing license I  need to pass an exam, during which I have to know scientific names of every species that have ever been observed in Poland), or just to observe nature and listen to birds' voices in peace. Listening these concerts is really easy in the station's garden, as it is quite loud here: we can hear singing Lesser Whitethroats and sometimes Yellowhammers, whose songs are very characteristic.
Today Mikkel observed migration over the sea with Henrik. Unfortunately it was not as big as we expected.

IMG 20220503 142131
Common Redstart - today's rarity. Photo: Agata Balicka 

Ringing (new / recapture)

Robin / Rødhals: 1/2

Common Redstart / Rødstjert: 1/0

Blackbird / Solsort: 0/1

Lesser Whitethroat / Gærdesanger: 0/1

Chiffchaff / Gransanger: 1/1

Total: 3/5

People at the station; Maciej, Agata, Bello, Bent, Menno