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The seawatch beats the ringing

søndag 1. maj 2022
Serin, fulmar, pomarine skua and a possible Olive backed pipit

Today was finally good! My motivation has been pretty low due to the low or non migration that has been. Yesterday was a bit better, but today was above average! With 957 divers, a Black Throated Diver(Sortlom) as well, plenty Arctic/common terns, 5 arctic skuas(Almindelig Kjove), 1 Pomarine Skua(Mellem Kjove) which is the first in dk this season. We also had a serin, and good numbers of lesser black backed gull. And a possible citrin wagtail, Henrik has to look at the recording! 2 little gulls and a fulmar(Mallemuk) is also worth mentioning. So now the motivation is very good again, hopefully may will be a lot better m than April was! 
Edit: After a bit of research the possible Citrin Wagtial (Citron Vipstjeret) is now probably a Olive Backed Pipet (Tajgapiber) which is an even better (rarer) spicies. Lets see 

Pomarine Skua (Mellemkjove) Photo by Henrik Bøhmer 

Today we also had an open ringing day. It was quite nice to see how many people showed up. The first few rounds did not have any birds, so we were a bit spooked that we could not show any birds. Luckely, when it started, we had some birds in the nets. We could show a redpoll, a few chiffchaffs and willow warblers and some blackcaps. One blackcap had fat 7 and weighted over 23 grams, a very heavy bird that already has enough fat to reach her breeding grounds.

Ringing totals (new/recaptures)

Dunnock (0/1)

Robin (1/0)

Redstart (1/0)

Blackbird (0/1)

Lesser whitethroat (2/0)

Blackcap (4/0)

Chiffchaff (9/1)

Willow warbler (5/1)

Chaffinch (1/1)

Greenfinch (0/1)

Lesser redpoll (0/1)

People at the station: Some open day visitors, Bent, John, Leona, Bello, Maciej, Agata and Menno

Dof link: https://dofbasen.dk/search/result.php?design=table&soeg=soeg&periode=dato&dato=01-05-2022&omraade=stor&stor=607&obstype=observationer&species=alle&sortering=dato