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It is still March...

søndag 20. marts 2022
af Menno den Uijl

Sunday 20th of March

Because of the good weather, it seems like that the birds are having good circumstances to migrate and have almost no need to come down here. This can also be seen in the place where we ring most of the birds. The last days, most of the ringing has taken place at the garden of the Fuglestation. Personally, I would expect that more ringing will take place at the lighthouse. In the Netherlands (where I am from) places with much light, such as lighthouses and harbors, attract a lot of birds. But here most birds are caught in the garden. I suspect these birds are coming down in night and feeding here in order to recontinue their migration. Next to that, especially on warmer and sunnier days and mainly later in the morning, the pond in the garden is a real magnet for birds in the surrounding area. The tactically placed nets close to the pond, have resulted in many birds trying to drink some water or flying up after they drank a bit of water. This is all a thought, but I would like to see how this develops over the season.

But not all birds are flying high over Blåvand, we managed to catch some birds. But with the last rounds without any birds, we decided to stop at 11 (when the standardized hours are over) and Bent was in time to see the match between Brøndby and Aalborg.  

Bello did not see that much migrating at sea, but he saw a group of four Grey Partridges. Because of the intensivation of the agriculture in Europe, this species has decreased a lot. Besides the patridges, he also saw some returning Linnets.


Grey Patridges – photo by Bello            

As promised, hereby the edited recording with two calls. Because of the big distance, I could make it better than this: https://old.observation.org/waarneming/view/235697490. Because it is not that loud, you can put headphones in order to hear it more clearly.   

Ringing list (new/recapture):

Dunnock (6/0)

Robin (1/0)

Blackbird (2/1)

Goldcrest (1/1)

Chaffinch (5/0)

Lesser redpoll (5/0)

20 new birds over 6 birds.

DOF list:


People at the station: Bent, Bello and Menno