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The actual migration has slowly startet

fredag 18. marts 2022
Birds going north at sea and a good day by the nets
af Menno den Uijl

Today, after two days of foggy days, the bird have been keen to migrate further north.
It has mainly been southgoing birds at sea, but seems like they are turning around now.
Normally, birds (mainly passerines) do not like to migrate in cloudy weather. The reason for this could be that birds cannot see where they can go down. So, after two days that the birds were stopped, they could finally migrate again. In the nets was a nice mix of birds, with some good numbers. It was enjoyable, although it was quite busy at some times. Most of the birds were blackbirds, not the numbers Gedser had (they had 77 on the 15th) but still some nice numbers. It was also nice to catch a siskin again.

But the highlight of the day were the two cranes which were calling loudly. Bello even managed to take some pictures. They arrived quite low, but they got some height at the lighthouse and continued their migration to the north. They may have slept in the lagoon south of Blåvand.  


Cranes – Photo by Bello
(Bello has been using Timmys 400mm lens but since Timmy left he has been back at 135mm. So less exciting photos for now)

Wren (2/2)

Dunnock (6/0)

Robin (1/0)

Blackbird (16/0)

Song thrush (1/0)

Redwing (1/0)

Chiffchaff (1/0)

Goldcrest (3/2)

Blue tit (2/0)

Great tit (1/0)

Siskin (4/0)

Lesser Redpoll (5/0)

Chaffinch (0/1)

Total = 44 birds

DOF list:


People at the station: Xenia, Bello, Bent and Menno