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The day after...

lørdag 12. marts 2022
More wind yet the first Song Thrush ringed
af Timmy Micallef

Today the SE winds disrupted the standardised ringing for another morning. However, we opened a select few (well-sheltered) nets at the station garden. We ringed a couple of new birds, among them a Song Thrush – the first for the season. It was followed by a Siskin, Dunnock and Goldcrest. We also recaptured a Robin ringed last week, which increased in weight from 16 to 17g. This healthy bird could have been the ringed Robin I observed having a bath by the station yesterday afternoon. Leona also observed a Firecrest close by the nets during one of the net rounds!

This morning the counters had less birds moving than yesterday. They did manage to spot the White-tailed Eagles, with one sitting on the beach and others on nearby sand dunes. During the count they also saw a Red deer flock (c.60) in the swamp area within the military area.

The wind decreased sufficiently by mid-afternoon and should remain moderate at around 8 m/s until tomorrow morning, when we hope to continue with more bird ringing. Unfortunately it will my last day here in Blåvand, until my next visit this season!



Song Thrush, by Leona


Ringmærkningsliste (Nye/ Genfanget):

1/0 Dunnock

0/1 Robin

1/0 Song Thrush

1/0 Goldcrest

1/0 Siskin

= 4 new birds of 4 species


DOFbasen list:



Folk på stationen: Bello, Menno, Leona, Timmy, Milla and Bent