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Moths and field trip

tirsdag 29. juni 2021
af Samuel Perfect

The moth trap produced 108 moths of 48 species including the first Sand Dart (Kyst-Landmand, Agrotis ripae), Clay (Rusten Græsugle, Mythimna ferrago), Acleris bergmanniana, Anania hortulata, and Scoparia pyralella of the year.


Sand Dart (Kyst-Landmand, Agrotis ripae)

As well as the year ticks, I am catching quite a few colourful species, although I tend to pay them less attention and focus on the trickier ones to identify. As a result, I took a brief moment to take some quick pictures of some of the more familiar (if not more colourful) moths for our readers to enjoy.


Puss Moth (Hermelinskåbe, Cerura vinula)


Pine Hawkmoth (Fyrresværmer, Sphinx pinastri)


Clouded Buff (Rødfrynset bjørn, Diacrisia sannio)

Once Bent arrived, we headed out together for a visit to Filsø and Vrøgum Kær for a mix of birds, invertebrates, and flowers. Bird highlights on our trip included singing Cuckoos (Gøg, Cuculus canorus), White-tailed Eagle (Havørn, Haliaeetus albicilla), Red-necked Grebe (Gråstrubet lappedykker, Podiceps grisegena), singing Bluethroat (Blåhals, Luscinia svecica), and last but not least a suprise 2nd calendar year male Montagu's Harrier (Hedehøg, Circus pygargus) hunting over Kallesmærsk Hede! Follow the link below for a shaky video of the harrier.


Further highlights included our main targets of the day, Early Marsh-orchid (Kødfarvet Gøgeurt, Dactylorhiza incarnata) and Heath Spotted-orchid (Plettet Gøgeurt, Dactylorhiza maculata)!



Heath Spotted-orchid (Plettet Gøgeurt, Dactylorhiza maculata)


Bent amongst the Heath Spotted-orchids (Plettet Gøgeurt, Dactylorhiza maculata)

To finish the day a stunning sunset as a backdrop to the lighthouse at Blåvand.


People: Bent and Samuel