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Ringing, seawatch, and moths

mandag 28. juni 2021
af Samuel Perfect

The moth trap produced 76 moths of 37 species this morning. Year ticks included Bordered Pug (Bynke-Dværgmåler, Eupithecia succenturiata), Poplar Grey (Poppelugle, Acronicta megacephala), Brussels Lace (Lille Lavmåler,Cleorodes lichenaria), Scoparia ancipitella, and Anerastia lotella. In addition to catching lots of moths the trap does occasionally lure in something else of interest, on this occasion a Bishop's Mitre (Almindelig Bispetæge, Aelia acuminata)!


Poplar Grey (Poppelugle, Acronicta megacephala)


Brussels Lace (Lille Lavmåler,Cleorodes lichenaria)


Bishop's Mitre (Almindelig Bispetæge, Aelia acuminata)!

Bent arrived around mid-morning with a tree for the heligoland trap. He has been working hard to try and fill the trap with some lush green growth in order to attract the birds. It is prooving to be a difficult task as the soil quality is rather poor. Perseverance will hopefully pay off.

The nets were also open for a total of twelve hours. In all, only two birds were ringed (although there were at least several more retraps to keep things interesting).


  • Wren (Gærdesmutte, Troglodytes troglodytes)
  • Dunnock (Jernspurv, Prunella modularis)


retrap Icterine Warbler (Gulbug, Hippolais icterina)

Some observations were also conducted from Sydhukket although they were only brief ad hoc visits so the total passage throughout the course of the morning would have been significantly greater than is implied by the totals in the link below.


The rest of the day was dedicated to identifying some plants and invertebrates photographed yesterday and giving both fridges a thorough clean.

People: Bent and Samuel.